Quotations for Life...

This is my wall in what is soon to be my old home I guess. But anyways... I have a mass amount of sharpies in many colors
in a cup right next to my front door. It became the thing to do whenever someone would come over to grab a pen
from the cup, walk over the a wall (any wall) and write something. I preferred quotes as my choice, but
others chose to write funny sayings or weird events that happened during the day to keep them
as a forever memory. My mom wrote "for a good time call Terri 408*******.
Funniest thing I've ever seen. Like I said I'm obsessed with quotes and
this just proves exactly how obsessed I truly am.

I have this obsession where whenever I hear/see something that means something to me at that moment I write it down. I've been doing this for years and have filled notebooks upon notebooks with thousands of sayings, quotes, and thoughts. They have helped me through hard times, made me cry, and sometimes I just get such a kick out the things I hear/see that I can't help but write it down. I want to make a page of quotes. A page of its very own. I encourage others to leave a comment with their favorite quote or saying or even a funny/inspirational word or thought. I love hearing/seeing new things that I haven't before. It's the beautiful discovery of life. So with that said... enjoy...

"If you love somebody, let them go. If they return, they were always yours.
 If they don't, they never were."

"The road to a friends house is never long."
-Danish Proverb

"You know you're in love when you can't fall
asleep because reality is finally better than
"your dreams."
-Dr. Seuss

"Disney, of course, has the best casting. If he
doesn't like an actor, he simply tears him up."
-Alfred Hitchcock

"Hollywood's a place where they'll pay you a thousand dollars
for a kiss, and 50 cents for your soul."
-Marilyn Monroe

"The devil you don't know is sometimes better than
the one you do."
-Stephen King, Firestarter

"Grief is like the ocean. It's deep and dark and bigger
than all of us. And pain is like a thief in the night. Quiet.
Persistent. Unfair. Diminished by time and faith and love."
-"Sam", One Tree Hill

"This is it
and I am it
and you are it
and so is that.

and he is it
and she is it
and it is it
and that is that.

O it is this
and it is thus
and it is them
and it is us
and it is now
and here it is
and here we are
so this is it.
-James Broughton

"Darkness has no answers."
-James Lafferty, One Tree Hill

"If this was a movie it'd end differently.
But life's not a movie."
-"Julian", One Tree Hill

"Sucks always being the footnote
to someone else's love story."
-Sophia Bush, One Tree Hill

"You know what's a shame... When you sit down
and your thighs squish out to twice their size."
-Betty White, Golden Girls

"You're surrounded by so many people that you love.
Now you just need to become one of those people."
-Antwon Tanner, One Tree Hill

"My idea of a good psychiatrist is a bartender
who pours without a spout."
-Estelle Getty, Golden Girls

"The canary could sing but it couldn't fly."
-Frank Costello

"The truth is never cussing."
-Stephen King, 1922

"There's no sense in burning your bridges,
unless you have a boat."
-Bill Cosby

"You're supposed to get tomorrow...
...but then the phone rings in the middle
of the night and it's gone."
-Antwon Tanner, One Tree Hill

"It's funny how close the past is, sometimes.
Sometimes it seems as if you could almost reach out
and touch it. Only... Only who really wants to?"
-Stephen King, From a Buick 8

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