December 3, 2010

Stupid Scantrons...

Yes, it is LEGOS. I love lego's, so this image is perfect considering the police content.

Well tis the season of finals starting this week. My brain is on overdrive. I think I have consumed all the caffeine the world has to offer. And sleep is no longer an option at this point. I'm going to use the blog post as a kind of pensieve (Harry Potter reference, yes, I know) and get rid of some space that's being taken up by unnecessary things.

First off I need to make a list of the things I need to do that aren't school related:

1. Give away books to goodwill.
2. Give away clothes to the American Cancer Center.
3. Do laundry.
4. Gas up the car.
5. Watch more Golden Girls.
6. Find some socks because my feet are freezing.
7. Find the Labor Board office.

Secondly I need to write down my FINALS in order so I don't get confused:

1. Organized Crime
2. Counseling (Lifestyles)
3. Jobs in Law Enforcement
4. Guns, Firearms, Weapons

And Lastly:

1. I need to frickin' sleep.
2. Pass my finals.
3. Sleep some more.

Well I feel much better now that I have relieved myself of some of these inane thoughts. Back to studying I guess. Or maybe time to do a puzzle. I swear I have the attention span of a goldfish right now.

Well hell fire and save matches...

...fuck a duck and see what hatches

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Ana* said...

How sweet of you giving books to goodwill. Good luck on your finals <3