April 2, 2011

Never iron a four-leaf clover... you don't want to press your luck... (March)

Shows watched in March 2011

  • E.R.
  • Law and Order SVU
  • Boy Meets World

 Movies watched in March 2011

  • No Escape
  • Bullworth
  • Ransom
  • White Men Can't Jump
  • Simply Irresistible
  • Working Girl
  • Patriot Games
  • Cop Out
  • Easy A

Playlist of March 2011

  • Lonely and Gone - Montgomery Gentry
  • What was I thinkin' - Dierks Bentley
  • Trying to Survive - by Montgomery Gentry
  • Clouds - Montgomery Gentry
  • Country Boy - Aaron Lewis
  • Deify - Disturbed
  • Overburdened - Disturbed
  • Bad for Good - Montgomery Gentry
Birthdays of March 2011

  • Ashley - 21 March 5
  • Kristen - 21 March 9
  • Uncle Woody March 10
  • Me - 24 March 13
  • Papa March 15

Accomplishments of March 2011

  • 97% on my Police Report Writing midterm
  • Made a plan to eat healthy (or at least try to)
  • Finally got my hair cut... to most this might seem like a minor thing, but for me it was an accomplishment since I hadn't had it cut in over a year and some of the money came out of my own pocket
  • Didn't lose my temper a single time this month
  • Gained more clarity about certain situations
  • Have learned to live with what I got not what I want
  • Turning 24
Grievances of March 2011

  • Death of Grandma (March 3rd)
  • The flushing of my cell phone
  • No family reconciliation
  • Found out I'm possibly diabetic (so pre-diabetic)
  • Still haven't finished moving. Holy Hell.


The Green Mile (All six volumes) - Stephen King
One for the money - Janet Evanovich
Running Man - Stephen King
Roadwork - Stephen King
Two for the dough - Janet Evanovich

Photo Memories of March 2011

R.I.P. Grandma

Amazing birthday card Aunt Dawn made for me...

The one surviving item of my poor flushed phone...

Margaritaville blender we used for my birthday to make pina coladas...

I'm no longer blonde... and it's really weird...

My birthday soda from my dad...

"Spring is natures way of saying...

...Let's party!"

Robin Williams

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