June 12, 2011

Photography Day Twenty-Eight... Drive.

Todays pic: A car. I love cars. I find old hot rods beautiful. I hate Fords, even though I used to drive one, and I love Chevy's, even though I've never owned one. I would've loved to have used a pic of my Mustang, but I never took a pic of it before it was sold, I've already used a pic of my car that I have now, and I find the other two cars that sit in my driveway incredibly ugly. So... I thought I'd use the pic I have of Old Brown. My cousin Kristens old truck. She was in an "accident" last year. No one was hurt. She swerved off the road, hit a ditch, rolled a few times, and I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves...

I just thank God that she came out with ONLY a little road rash.

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