February 25, 2011

Day Eight... (Funny Pic)

So I narrowed it down to two pictures. Obviously. This was another hard "day" because there are sooo many funny pictures that have been taken in my lifetime. My family is full of humor, and we definitely love capturing those moments.

The first picture is of my cousin Kristens "surfer boy watching chair". When we were in Capitola at the beach house my cousin would get up nice and early in the morning, go out back, sit on the chair, grab her binoculars and watch the hot surfer boys out in the water. It's a good memory of fun times in the summer, at the beach, and with family. Plus it's just funny that my cousin would have a specified chair for such viewing pleasure.

The second picture is of my dad back in the day. I think it's from the 70's, but I could be full of shit. If anyone knows my dad, you know that he lacks what my mom and I consider to be any sense of humor what-so-ever, so this picture is funny for so many reasons.

I hope you enjoyed my "funny" pictures...

...I know I sure do everytime I look at them.

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