February 11, 2011

Boredom prevails...

Coolest cell phone I've ever seen. And applies to the danger of my new discovery.

So I'm sitting here messing with my computer like I always do when I'm putting off doing my homework and I somehow discovered a way to send blog posts via my cell phone. Others have probably already figured this out so I apologize for being behind the rest of you fancy people.

This may be a dangerous finding because now, when I'm lying awake late at night, with all the thoughts running through my head that are keeping me from sleeping, I will be able to send them to my blog to be posted.

The danger in this situation comes from the fact that when I'm thinking late at night there is absolutely NO filter on what I say. This should be interesting.

The cure for boredom is curiousity...

...there is no cure for curiousity.

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