February 21, 2011

Day Four... (Favorite Night)

I have had many amazing nights throughout the past (almost) 24yrs of my life. A lot of them were when I was either high or drunk or doing something incredibly stupid. I don't lie about who I was or what I did. I have no regrets. The person I was made me the person that I am today. But my favorite night, out of all the nights I've had, would have to be the night that I finished "The Rose". This took me around 6-7 years to complete. It's something that only I did. On my own. I wasn't high, I wasn't drunk, I wasn't hanging around stupid people dealing with nothing but drama. I was alone, happy, and caught in a world where nothing could go wrong. I felt accomplished and elated to have completed something that I literally poured my blood, sweat, and tears into. For this, the Day Four Picture (My Favorite Night), goes to the night I finished my sewing project.

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