March 30, 2011

Day Nine... (Dance)

Time Warp

Okay, dancing is something that I don't do. Not even chair dancing. It's just something I avoid at all costs. I don't know why, but it's how I am. Apparently that gene didn't get passed down to me, because everyone else in my family has absolutely no problem with dancing. The ONLY song I have ever voluntarily danced to is "The Time Warp" from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. This hell-must-have-frozen-over event occurred at my friend Becky's sweet 16 birthday party when Nancy decided it would be fun for her and me to dance to that song and see how many people would join in. Never again have I voluntarily danced. Other than the occasional wild hair up my ass that has made me bust out a couple moves walking down the hallway dancing to some classic rock music, but I wouldn't actually call what I did dancing. Ha. Ever since dancing to The Time Warp, whenever I here it I feel the urge to get up and relive that moment.

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