March 23, 2011

Day Twenty-Five... (My Day)

3/13/11 The amazing Margaritaville Blender

So I was so completely excited for this day. It was supposed to be a picture of your day, and it just so happened to land on my birthday. However, I lost almost all the pictures from my birthday because I accidentally (no matter what others are saying) flushed my phone down the toilet at Applebees before transferring my pics to my computer. Now, when I say I flushed my phone, I mean I FLUSHED my phone. It didn't just fall in the toilet and float. No, no. It went down the toilet into the drainage pipe and wherever toilet water goes from there. So sadly I only have a few pics from my wonderful 24th birthday. But it'll be a day I'll never forget.

"It takes a long time... grow young."


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